Let yourself be amazed by the charm of the ancient melt with the functionality and security of contemporary architecture

The residence “Antichi funari” is a structure under construction in Marcianise, the third city for the population of the province of Caserta with its 42,000 people.

Marcianise is 3 km from the center of Caserta, which is also divided by the only avenue Charles III that connects it directly to the railway station and the famous “Royal Palace” of the Bourbons.

Marcianise is a 20 km long highway from the center of Naples, from its central station, from Capodichino Airport and from the new Naples – Afragola station, as it houses the important terminal of the A-1 Milan – Naples motorway marked with Double denomination of “Caserta sud – Marcianise” and “Napoli – nord” toll booths. It also hosts three junctions from Asse Mediano, the fast-paced highway of the metropolitan city of Naples.

Such geographical conditions of absolute privilege, together with the contemporary commercial, industrial and agricultural vocation of the vast urban area, even more because they are perfectly integrated into the whole of the conurbation, now make the city of Marcianise one of the most livable in Campania.