Now invest in valuable credit in the city center


The residence "Antichi funari" is located in the historic center of Marcianise, in via Taranto, in which a progressive building replacement is in progress that allows it to perceive already the future conformation. In fact, the retreat of new buildings on the old sedentary, for about five meters, is producing a distance between the buildings over ten meters. So, via Taranto will be in the future a real avenue in the historic center.

Via Taranto is located behind the historic shopping area of the city, a step from Atella square and from Umberto I ° square, in the direction of Caserta. It is a step from San Giuliano street, in the direction of Aversa, Orta di Atella and Naples.

Its position allows residents to enjoy a particular tranquility, but at the same time having the chance to be in the urban movida just turned the corner of the road.

The residence "Antichi Funari" was born from the reconstruction of modern techniques of two semi-rural buildings that, built at different times and in economics, left only to the imagination the neoclassical style that probably inspired the construction.

The "Antichi funari" residence today is revealed as a qualifying proposal that, designed in reinforced concrete according to the latest and strict regulations for seismic security, exalts a simple but decisive neoclassicism in the outline, while in the interior a stylistic modernity resulting from the synthesis of the positivity of the area on which the artifact is insisted.

The duplicity of style has also been synthesized in the design of the precious park area equipped with nearly 700 meters.