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Due to its privileged position, Marcianise was the city of the province of Caserta which has experienced the most significant economic growth of the last sixty years.And even in future projection, it is the city with more development opportunities in the largest Neapolitan metropolitan area.

Marcianise is a complete city. Meanwhile, it is an easy city to travel because it is structured according to the clear characteristic of the centurion of the Roman Empire, from which it originates. Ultimately, it stretches along roads all parallel and perpendicular to each other (hinges and decumans).

There are many nest nurseries in the city, numerous nursery schools, elementary schools, lower and upper secondary schools. Of these, there are: the State Technical Engineering Institute; scientific high school; Classical high school; ISISS, for the disciplines of pedagogy, linguistics, social sciences, fashion and clothing technology, social assistance techniques; The Institute for Commerce and Geometers; The Artistic High School, former art institute, goldsmith's address, metal art, graphic arts and multimedia audiovisual.

The hospital and railway station are present in the city. In addition, the Carabinieri Company, the Guardian of Finance Company, the Police station, the Fire department and Civil Protection.

There are important production, commercial and logistics centers: Interporto Sud Europa, in full development; the Campania shopping center, one of the largest in Italy that brings together hundreds of retail, catering and multi-cinema stores. And again, the Big Maxi-cinema, which was one of the first and largest multisala of Italy; The Municipal Theater, undergoing renovation.

There are also the La Reggia Outlet in the city area, McArthur Glen chain point; Tarì, Italian excellence in the field of precious objects; Oromare, a complex operating in the coral and related industries.

There is an industrial area that has been one of the most important in Italy and still hosts multinationals such as Jabil and Coca-Cola.

There are many sports facilities around the country, including all sports disciplines, football stadium, velodrome, municipal swimming pool and a private pool open to the public, the Golden Flames gym, boxing section. It is planned to build a sports hall. There are many public green spaces, but not yet in perfect condition.